Dedicated Developer Model

Selection. Onboarding. Work done.

Looking for an expert in a particular language or development field? If so, our resource augmentation service is right for you.


We scout and hire the best technical talent to ensure your team is staffed with top qualified developers.

We are client-centric & we tailor our offer to you

The first step after initial discussions provides for finding, interviewing, comparing, and approving the team members based on your criteria.

We seamlessly integrate with your team

Actual work can last pretty long. We ensure that dedicated software developers work properly, so you can get results on time, on scope, and on budget. You want to be sure that communication and collaboration are smooth.

We are a one-stop-shop for everything you need

After all the vacancies are filled, the team can start working. If you’ve chosen the extension option, new members should be onboard, merged with your existing employees.

We are driven by ownership and towards progress

Talking about changes and iterations, feel free to ask us about them directly. You can quickly hire our developers or decrease the number of members according to the project requirements.

Connect With Our Experts.

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