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Why do people get into a cuckold relationship?

Why do people get into a cuckold relationship?

The Cuckold History

SummaryThe term cuckold derives from the cuckoo bird who has a habit of laying its eggs in the nest of other birds.

The term cuckold has been derived from the cuckoo bird. A cuckoo is known to lay its egg in other birds’ nests during https://besthookupwebsites.org/local-hookup/owen-sound/ the nesting season. The bird abandons her eggs and leaves them under the protection of some other bird, mostly crows.

The word cuckold is a noun referring to the practice where one partner derives sexual pleasure when the other partner sexually engages with another.

While, cuckolding is the verb form of the word, which refers to being in the action. In medieval times, cuckold was used for a man whose wife had other sexual encounters.

It also described a man who couldn’t impregnate his wife. So she got pregnant with another. It was usually to save themselves from the taboo of being infertile.

After reading this, I’m sure you think that man has greater control in a cuckold relationship. Time to bust a myth…

What is a female-led relationship cuckold?

The man of the house is no longer the boss. Here the man is more submissive whereas the female partner becomes the queen of the relationship.

She likes cheating on her husband in front of his eyes, acts promiscuously, and bosses around. A female cuckold is called a cuckoldress.

The cuckqueen orders and the cuck follows. She might give extra powers to the Bull, to make the cuck suffer even more.

Having said that, a relationship where either the male or the female takes the lead can become emotionally dangerous for the partner being dominated.

The one leading the cuckold relationship starts controlling the other partner’s actions and life, often leaving them with some lifetime emotional traumas.

SummaryPeople choose to cuckold to experiment, learn each other’s desires, and achieve sexual satisfaction even if they can’t satisfy each other.

If you are wondering why anyone wants a cuckold relationship at all, well let me tell you, there can be several reasons for this.

Not all men are endowed with satisfactory penis size, and at the same time, not all women are good at doing the promiscuous stuff that excites a man.

They might not be able to satisfy each other’s sexual fantasies, but they make up a good pair because they are the best partners. They love each other’s company.

It pretty much depends on the couple… how well they discuss their needs and comfort, to draw a mutual agreement. They must take care of each other’s turn-ons.

For some, cuckolding helps get rid of boredom and monotony in their sexual relationship. Cuckolding gives them a deeper knowledge of what their partner enjoys.

The jealousy that they feel when they watch their partner having sex with someone else excites them and adds a new dimension to their sex life.

Cuckolding can be enjoyable because it strengthens the communication and bond in a relationship, where both the partners talk about their sexual fantasies, desires, jealousy, and discomfort.

Nobody fakes orgasms and they talk openly and truthfully. Being honest with each other helps them establish a trustworthy relationship.

What is a cuckold lifestyle?

SummaryWhile the basic meaning of a cuckold relationship remains the same, a cuckold lifestyle is when you make cuckolding a part of your daily life.

One can draw a lot of similarities between polyamorous relationships and a cuckold relationship. In a cuckold lifestyle, cuckold sexual adventures add up to your daily routine.

Every cuckold relationship has a different lifestyle. With varied interests and choices, people have a wide range of adultery to choose from.